Pays : Canada (Quebec) Label : Wonderwheel Genres et styles : Africa / Bass Music / Brazilian / Caribbean / latino Année : 2020

Soft Power

· par Patrick Baillargeon

For his 11th album in almost 20 years of music, Ghislain Poirier has attempted a shift towards hybrid pop, with a foot firmly planted on the dancefloor. Soft Power is a summer album, warm, soft, and with sensual grooves. The Montreal producer and DJ has created a bridge between styles and generations with an overview of his multiple musical passions. To do so, Poirier has called upon numerous collaborators to lend their voices to his music – his lifelong sidekick Boogat is on board, as are Brazilians Flavia Coelho and Flavia Nascimento, Daby Touré, Mélissa Laveaux, Coralie Hérard, Red Fox, and Samito. The journey Poirier invites us on takes us from Mexico to Mozambique, through West Africa, Brazil, Jamaica, and of course Montreal, which in a way encompasses all these flavours and colours. If you can’t fly to other places this summer, Soft Power offers you a trip to your own city.

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