Pays : France Label : Roche Musique Genres et styles : Electro-Jazz / Lo-Fi / Neo-Soul / Soul Jazz / Soul/R&B Année : 2022


· par Lyle Hendriks

After five long years, Parisian genre-defying artist, Vincent Fenton, known as French Kiwi Juice (FKJ) is finally back with a second LP: V I N C E N T. As expected, FKJ more than delivers on his now-signature style: lo-fi, neo-soul, with a touch of house and a splash of jazz—a sound brought into focus by his 2019 self-titled album. But rather than being confined by this aesthetic, FKJ has transcended it with V I N C E N T, once again redefining the genre(s). 

FKJ’s latest is a rich and vibrant project, with deep and complex arrangements blending seamlessly into irresistible musical tapestries. Every piece feels like it was placed lovingly and with the utmost thought, and yet V I N C E N T never becomes too complicated for its own good. 

Similar to his prior work, this album has the talent of being just as excellent in the background as it is in a focused listening session. The songs transition smoothly into each other, and at times, feel like songs in two or more parts. It’s hard not to be taken on a sonic journey when listening to V I N C E N T, and it’s all by design.

FKJ also experiments with elements of rock here, smoothly blending wet, blues-rock guitar riffs with countless layers of digital arrangements. This is done to great effect on “The Mission” and “Greener (ft. Santana),” which feature inspired, vocal guitar solos shining brilliantly on sparse mixes. Other features include Toro y Moi, Little Dragon, and ((( O ))), all of which are excellent. 

Unlike FKJ’s self-titled album, V I N C E N T does away with the dated trappings of the 2010s-era lo-fi sound that he helped define, like grainy filters and crackle effects. This is a welcomed change and helps the outstanding production stand out and feel current. In general, FKJ brings his distinctive style into the modern age with V I N C E N T, and it’s a beautiful thing to behold.

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