Pays : Jamaica Label : Island / Republic Genres et styles : Dancehall / Hip Hop / Reggae Année : 2017
Damian « Junior Gong » Marley

Stony Hill

· par Richard Lafrance

Ten years after the very convincing Welcome To Jamrock, the youngest and most talented of Marley’s son offers his vision of love (“Autumn Leaves”), ganja (“Medication”), and social commentary (“Everybody Wants To Be Somebody”, “Nail Pon Cross”) over a very diversified musical collage of old and new roots, dancehall and contemporary hip hop. The co-producer, his brother Stephen, surprises with his versatility and know-how. The song “Living It Up”, and its video shot at Trident Castle in Portland with his son Elijah, summarize his journey well. A thoughtful, modern, intelligent and satisfying Jamaican album.

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