Country : Canada (Quebec) Label : Bonsound Genres and styles : Indie Folk / Indie Pop Year : 2020


· by Alain Brunet

Amélie Beyries has launched Encounter in this month of scorpions. This second full-length album was produced by Alex McMahon, omnipresent in the music industry in Quebec. These artists are talented, sincere, mature… relatively conformist in a less and less tumultuous, increasingly predictable indie current. The arrangements, the sound environment, the execution, it’s all very professional, all very correct and finely wrought. Beyries’ lyrics are generally written straightforwardly and reveal for the most part true emotions, things from private life we all go through – ruptures, regrets, leaks, buried secrets, difficult introspection – lows and highs. Expressed in English, with few exceptions, Beyries’ interpretations are poignant, touching, the timbre of her voice identifiable from the very first bars. It’s in the nuances of interpretation that this artist draws her greatest strength. Surely, these new songs will resonate with the immediate fans of the singer-songwriter and could even reach the hipster nebula, if its exponential spread on the platforms does its job. 

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