Pays : Canada Label : independent Genres et styles : Folk Pop / Folk Rock / Indie Pop / Synth-Pop / Synthwave / Techno Année : 2023

Loig Morin – Adieu hiver

· par Alain Brunet

A French Breton transplanted to British Columbia since 2010, Loig Morin has been multiplying his self-produced recordings after being (long ago) taken under the wing of the William Sheller. For some time now, he’s been on a metaphorical tour of the seasons; having traversed spring and autumn, here he is fresh from winter, this time evoked through 7 tracks. All those years spent in Western Canada have in no way denatured his European origins and a French language he handles quite well, using his calm, ashen voice to feed effective song poetry with sincerity and vulnerability. The musical culture of this songwriter, who also produces all his own material, is fairly broad, with good hints of techno, electro-pop, dream pop and French-style synthwave. Obviously, an extended stay on the Pacific coast has left its marks on the man, and certain songs such as “L’avalanche” reveal folk-pop or electro-rock elements in “La bouche”, thus more rooted on this side of the Pacific (and Atlantic), pedal steel guitar and acoustic guitars to the fore. Given the relatively modest means of this self-production, we can see that the sound recording, mixing and arrangements are skilfully handled by the main person involved. A French path is being blazed in the north-west of the continent, and who knows where it will lead?

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