Country : United States Label : Xray Genres and styles : Gothic / Noise-Pop / Post-Punk Year : 2020

You Won’t Be Here For Long

· by Patrick Baillargeon

On this eighth album in only four years, the prolific Jenny Logan still hasn’t seen the light at the end of the tunnel… and that’s fine. The ten tracks of You Won’t Be Here For Long are still marked by the cold and detached voice of the Portland-based multi-instrumentalist, covered with the essential reverb effect inevitably found in this kind of register. With her slightly saturated guitars and bass, a few touches of synthesizer and a drum machine with a metronomic, mid-range tempo, we get close to the unavoidable Jesus and Mary Chain, Sisters of Mercy, Suicide or Cure, but with a feminine touch that reminds us a bit of the early PJ Harvey and Siouxsie at her most sinister. The woman behind Deathlist prefers to stay in black and blue-grey hues, where the sun never shines, painting a world of sinister beauty and poignant melancholy.

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