Pays : Congo / France Label : Transgressive Genres et styles : Afro-Electro / Invented Instrumental Année : 2019


· par Parker Mah

The onomatopoeically named Kokoko! is a wake-up call to the face of a Western world hell-bent on creating a (victimless) technological utopia. The irony is not lost on the Congolese members of the group, whose country has provided the raw materials which fuel this utopia, and, in their case, economic disparity in the name of progress. The musicians of this group, save French producer Débruit, hail from the Ngwaka area of Kinshasa, famed for its upcycled instruments and block parties. Their chaotic, potent live show has been faithfully distilled on their first full-length LP, a torrid romp through 44 minutes of pulsating rhythms.

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