Pays : United States Label : Def Jam / Roc-A-Fella Genres et styles : Darkwave / Hip Hop / Industrial / Synthwave Année : 2013
Kanye West


· par Alain Brunet

In 2010, Kanye West was at the pinnacle of his art with the launch of My Most Beautiful Dark Fantasy, at the intersection of hip hop, R&B, soul, pop, rock, chamber music and more. In 2013, he pushed the boundaries one last time with Yeezus, a visionary album for its explosive mix of darkwave, synthpunk, dub, and industrial hip hop. The critical posture of the MC consisted in particular in highlighting the decadence of Black arrivistes, nouveau-riche African America in the grip of machismo, materialistic arrogance and self-destruction. Unfortunately, Kanye’s creative star has been fading ever since…

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