Pays : Germany Label : Unknown Capability Genres et styles : Krautrock Année : 2015
Kosmischer Läufer

Volume Three

· par Rupert Bottenberg

Attributed to a certain mysterious Martin Zeichnete, the ongoing exercise in musical archaeology called Kosmischer Läufer purports to be “the Secret Cosmic Music of the East German Olympic Program 1972 – 83”. This third volume, of four so far, includes a trio of training tracks for runners, and the score to a lost Communist cartoon. It’s all very likely the rather recent work of Scottish musician and label boss Drew McFadyen (and has been performed live by Yann Tiersen), but the fakery is so thorough and affectionate, one feels compelled to play along. The music is a pitch-perfect pastiche of the creatively fertile krautrock era, specifically Neu!, Cluster, and Harmonia. Melodicism is emphasized, the better to carry the fascinating tones and timbres of the vintage analog synths, and to capture the curious blend of optimism and futility the elaborate conceit implies.

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