Country : United Kingdom Label : Supercolour Genres and styles : Pop / Synth-Pop Year : 2020
La Roux


· by Patrick Baillargeon

Six years after Trouble in Paradise, which went rather unnoticed after the big success she had with her 2009 debut album La Roux, and buoyed by the global hit “Bulletproof”, Elly Jackson resurfaces with Supervision. This third effort by the British singer uses exactly the same synth-pop recipe she’s been advocating since her debut album; Supervision is therefore fully in line with the two previous ones. Funky riffs, catchy mid-tempo rhythms, new-wave and neo-romantic trappings, sweet melodies… there’s nothing here to surprise anyone who wanted some change. We’ll even go so far as to say that the songs end up sounding a bit too much alike. But as La Roux doesn’t release records one after the other, her return constitutes a certain pleasure, guilty or otherwise. It’s a pleasant record that’s easy to listen to, but one that you’re likely to forget quite quickly.

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