Pays : Canada Label : Arts & Crafts Genres et styles : Folk / Indie Folk Année : 2022

Reuben and the Dark – Coming Like A Storm

· par Amanda Richer

The Calgary, spirited indie-folk band Reuben and the Dark’s newest EP, Coming Like A Storm, is about failing relationships, a followup to their latest album un I love

The three-song collection vocally stirs well with the mellow background arrangements. Even though these tracks might all have a similar feeling to them vocally and musically, singer and songwriter Reuben Bullock is always writing creative lyrics that tell a story. He vocally uses tuneful elements and deep lyrics to highlight his emotions about what people experience in their everyday life. The first song “Coming Like a Storm” shows that emotion with lyrics like: “I had an offering, and you had a price hand on heart with an arrow in its side.”  

On the second song, “Timelapse Clouds,” Reuben and the Dark hooked up with Bullhorn, a dynamic nu-wave brass band, and you can hear the members chant in the background, giving this mellow song a more energetic tone. 

 The musical harmony blends well throughout this EP with Reuben’s introspective lyrics and soulful voice that is free-spirited. Like most of Reuben’s songs, vocals always start off with a low melody, as the tune continues on into a higher pitch. Though, they could have added different music styles to each song, giving them each their own organic sound while staying true to the folk genre.

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