Pays : Canada / Québec Label : ATMA Classique Genres et styles : Année : 2016
Quatuor Molinari

György Kurtàg / Intégrale des quatuors à cordes

· par François Vallières

There are a number of versions of the Hungarian composer György Kurtàg’s works for string quartet, but the complete works offered here by Quatuor Molinari are a stroke above the others. The atmosphere created here is simply perfect: the quartet exploit extremes, push these works (sometimes very brief) to their limits, and infuse them with gravity and depth. Often compared to the Viennese Anton Webern because of this brevity in time and space, Kurtàg’s music is nevertheless much more raw, more direct, heavier. The members of the Montreal string quartet have grasped it perfectly, and express it in a very eloquent way.

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