Pays : Germany Label : Materialized Moments Genres et styles : Electronic Année : 2020
Natureboy Flako

Ambitus of Beauty

· par Anne-Sophie Rasolo

Ambitus is the range of a melody, a voice or an instrument, from its lowest to its highest note. Beauty thus assumes its full meaning and its place on Natureboy Flako’s Ambitus of Beauty. His instrumental melodies, inspired by water and sun, also draw a lot from his German-Chilean origins and his hip hop background. Latin rhythms, tertiary beats and raindrops envelop us in a soothing bubble, a beautiful invitation to live the moment. The choice of sounds is precise and worked out, because since 2007, when he took on the tag Flako, Dario Rojo Guerra has made his own sound library of electronic and acoustic samples. He translates the strength and calm of nature into music, offering a poetic and unpredictable immersion. At the same time, the fluidity of the sounds enters in perfect symbiosis with the body, making his tracks a favourite for house dancers. And in this album, which echoes his EP Eclosure, there is as much softness mixed with kinetics, jazz fused with electronics, and stereophonic back-and forth, which he makes good use of. Past the forest of a priori, in the present moment and its mantras, take time for a break and let yourself be lulled by his nebulous voice in a dreamy atmosphere.

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