Pays : Brazil Label : Jarring Effects Genres et styles : Brazilectro / Brazilian Année : 2020
Soceidade Recreativa


· par Parker Mah

Hybridizing different musical styles, especially between essentially acoustic and digital sound palettes, is not without its pitfalls. Grafted beats can overpower, and “traditional” samples run the danger of being watered down, misunderstood, or worse, appropriated for the sake of digital conformity and stripped of their essence. Fortunately, the new album from Sociedade Recreativa avoids all of this. Formed of a tryst between Lyon-based Franco-Brazilian group Forró de Rebeca and American-Brazilian producer (and Kafundó label head) Maga Bo, their latest production fires on all cylinders, from the opening spitfire of “Embola Pedra”, to the sub-heavy afoxé of “Toada Para Oxum”. Capoeira corridos (chants) and berimbau make their appearance in the second half of the album as well as the rough-hewn sound of rabeca (Brazilian fiddle) master Luiz Paixão, alongside tropical bass and synths, all without breaking stride. This one will have us all kicking up dust late into the summer.

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