Pays : United Kingdom Label : Warp Genres et styles : Ambient / Electro / Experimental / Contemporary / Glitch / IDM Année : 2018

NTS Sessions

· par Patrick Bouchard

Formed in 1987, the famous English duo proffers, 21 years later, the musical equivalent of The Matrix’s red pill, a journey from which no one escapes unscathed. Initially designed for broadcast on London’s NTS Radio, the recording lasts eight hours, or four sessions of 120 minutes each. Without concession, the titles of the pieces (“g 1 e 1”, “peal MA”, “casual shimripl”, etc.) reflect the radical nature of the undertaking. More specifically, Autechre presents long computer-designed pieces, hypnotic, sometimes soothing, sometimes confusing. Varying in styles (IDM, ambient, glitch etc.), this daring opus undoubtedly raises the standards of electro.

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