Pays : Canada Label : Loig's Music Lab Genres et styles : Celtic / Chamber Pop / Dream Pop / Electronic / Pop / Synth-Pop Année : 2023

Loig Morin / Printemps

· par Alain Brunet

Transplanted on the Canadian West Coast, the French artist Loig Morin released “Printemps”, the seventh album of his career on April 9, 2021. Originally from Brittany, he has been living in British Columbia since 2010. From Vancouver, he has recorded and produced “Lonsdale” (2012), “La rivière ” (2018), “Citadelle” (2019), the latter having earned him nominations for the Trille Or gala and the Western Canadian Music Award.

Given our ignorance about him, let’s start by telling you about this “Printemps” # 7, an unidentified rotating object by the vast majority and which has just been released on (apparently) the coldest day of this winter. “Printemps” was recorded, produced and mixed at Loig’s Music Lab, which Loig Morin designed and built in Vancouver.

Inspired by the “season of new beginnings”, “Printemps” (“Spring”) is the first of a series of four albums designed for each season. The biographical profile of Loig Morin indicates that each project of this tetralogy would have its own colors, textures, themes and sonic signatures, revealing interesting crossings of synth pop, dream pop, electro-pop, reggae-pop, Celtic pop, and just plain French FM pop.

The first single that marks the relaunch of the Spring opus, “Romance à l’italienne”, is reminiscent of the most typical French pop duets, except for the charming accent of Canadian Jill Barber, Loig Morin’s interlocutor, who is joined by Maude G.L. for other melodic lines.

When the pandemic hit,” says Morin in a press release regarding this album, “I was writing new songs and then the depression hit and I decided to stop drinking. I was a social drinker and thought it might be a good time for some introspection, the result was great. I thought it was a good time to write and create songs and for the first time I decided to make an album by myself. I worked day and night on it. It’s an authentic album. I put all my musical references on “Printemps”, and it was a huge pleasure to do it.”

There are plenty of hooks on the program of this introspection, polished instrumentations, carefully tinkered electro textures, a succinct poetry on the splendors and also on the meanders of the intimate life. With oneself, with someone else.

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