Pays : United Kingdom Label : Big Dada / Ninja Tune Genres et styles : Hip Hop / Hiptronic / Slam Année : 2014
Kate Tempest

Everybody Down

· par Patrick Baillargeon

If not an unknown, thanks to her poetry and her former band Sound of Rum, it was really with this first album that the young Londoner was discovered. A punchy record, Everybody Down places Kate Tempest somewhere between Anne Clark and The Streets. With a skewed flow, she outlines the grim reality of a dull daily life, a dystopic but nevertheless touching world fleshed out through her stories and characters. Flirting with electro and hip hop, Everybody Down presents the gloomy universe that Tempest describes in a slightly more groovy, rhythmic way than on the albums that would follow, and in the end it’s the one which inviting the most frequent returns.

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