Pays : Québec Label : Analekta Genres et styles : chamber jazz / Jazz Fusion Année : 2022

Carl Mayotte – Escale

· par Alain Brunet

Few electric bass professionals have the disconcerting ease to draw melodic lines, to build appropriate harmonic frameworks, to fit into high-flying rhythmic patterns… without the effort appearing. Carl Mayotte has the attributes of a virtuoso: flexibility, dexterity, speed, precision, and a sense of improvisation. A natural. The 25 year old musician ploughs the furrow of his predecessors, starting with the absolute bassist of jazz-fusion keb, the indelible Alain Caron. Technically very gifted, Carl Mayotte follows this lineage and aesthetic, he improvises in consonant and conventional music, which nevertheless requires a deep knowledge of tonal or modal harmony, counterpoint, and complex rhythmic figures imposed by the styles invested. In short, this musician from Quebec City explores the encounters between jazz and different cultures or musical genres, from Gypsy flamenco to the jazzification of Félix Leclerc’s “Bozo”. This “Escale” follows a much more jazz-fusion and polyrhythmic groove project, namely the album Pop de ville and the EP “In A Sentimental Mood”, whose title track is an athletic cover of Duke Ellington’s delicate standard. This next Saturday at Dièze Onze, Carl Mayotte will chose for a more graceful, chamber jazz, closer to folk and musical great traditions, less testosterone-laden… more mature. He will be performing with Damien Jade-Cyr, saxophones, Gabriel Cyr, guitar, François Grégoire, piano, Stéphane Chamberland, drums.

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