Country : United States Label : Atlantic / Bad Boy / Wondaland Arts Society Genres and styles : Avant-Pop / Contemporary / Electro / Funk / Future Soul / Hip Hop Year : 2010
Janelle Monáe

The ArchAndroid

· by Alain Brunet

Prodigy of the neo-Broadway school, singer, rapper, dancer, inspired composer, artistic director, amazing showgirl, Janelle Monáe had generated a huge, collective “wow!” when she launched The ArchAndroid. The dramatic thread of this extraordinary, Afro-futurist album carried brilliant performances of future soul, R&B, funk, rock, hip hop, jazz, and chamber music of classical tradition. Monáe had taken the torch from James Brown, Stevie Wonder, George Clinton and Prince. Her follow-ups were less visionary than hoped for, but Monáe remains a frontwoman par excellence right up to this day.

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