Country : Canada (Quebec) Label : Joyful Noise / Secret City Genres and styles : Experimental / Post-Rock Year : 2020

Fiction EP

· by Patrick Baillargeon

True to themselves, Suuns go where you wouldn’t expect them to on this six-track EP. Conceived by the trio, half-confined during the months leading up, Fiction is an oppressive and anxiety-provoking album that reflects the strange times in which the planet is immersed, but that can also push one to introspection and reflection. Here, the Montreal band blends the past with the future, fusing yesterday’s ideas with today’s. Thus, each song is a live recording that has then been reworked and re-imagined, sometimes completely disassembling the original piece to reconstruct it from the ground up. While “Look”, which opens the album, is rather experimental, other titles are more easily accessible, such as “Breathe”, with its Middle Eastern sounds care of Radwan Ghazi Moumneh from Jerusalem In My Heart, and “Pray” and “Fiction”, which are more structured. “Death”, with the mysterious voice of Amber Webber from Lightning Dust, is a bit more ordinary. Fiction ends oddly with “Trouble Everyday”, on which Frank Zappa’s prophetic vision is still as relevant today as it was when he recorded it in 1966. If the Fiction EP sets the stage for the full-length album to follow in 2021, we can expect a much more complex and experimental work from the Suuns.

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