Pays : United Kingdom Label : 1984 Recordings Genres et styles : Afro-Electro / Avant-Pop / Nu Soul / Post-Punk / Trip Hop Année : 2013
Ebony Bones

Behold, a Pale Horse

· par Patrick Baillargeon

The furious Ebony Bones detonated the multicolored bomb Bone of my Bones in our faces in 2009, revealing an eccentric artist and her panoply of funk, punk, reggae and Afrobeat influences. Back in 2013 with an album partly created during a stay in India, the British former actress is even more assertive, mixing drum ’n’ bass, alternative, nu soul and other substances with her already well-stocked palette of colours. Behold, a Pale Horse is a bit like a one-night stand with Prince and Santigold; a dynamic record, wide in its stride between the tribal punk of Bow Wow Wow, the psychedelic funk of Funkadelic, the grandiose Lauryn Hill and the sweet darkness of Siouxsie.

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