Pays : United Kingdom Label : Rough Trade Records Genres et styles : Alternative / Art Pop / Electronic Année : 2022

Jockstrap – I Love You Jennifer B

· par Lyle Hendriks

Fans of the eclectic, ethereal, and elaborate rejoice; I Love You Jennifer B, the first full-length LP by Jockstrap is here. 

Comprised of Georgia Ellery (also known as a member of Black Country, New Road) and Taylor Skye, Jockstrap got its start when the duo met at Guildhall School of Music & Drama, a prestigious conservatory program in London, England. 

Since their debut album Love Is the Key to the City (2018, Kaya Kaya Records), Jockstrap’s sound has been characterized by unusual and starkly juxtaposing arrangements of analog and electronic. But with this latest offering, the duo’s iconic mixed-media approach is taken to new heights, to great effect.

The intro track “Neon” is a great indicator of the album’s adventurous yet listenable experiments. It begins as a rustic (and somewhat sombre) acoustic number but soon breaks out into euphoric, bass-driven electro-pop. By the end of the song, the arrangement’s two sides are married. Fuzzed-out electric guitars soar over a crunchy, distorted beat, all with Ellery’s outstanding, almost raw vocals sitting atop it all. 

The album plays with several other moods throughout, such as with upbeat yet dark club-style tracks “Jennifer B,” “Debra,” and “50/50.” It also swings into deeper emotional ballads, such as the phenomenal audio odyssey that is “Concrete Over Water.”

I love I Love You Jennifer B. The entire project undulates with energy, weirdness, and a raw, exuberant passion that makes it a relentlessly exciting listen. The sonic layers of each track give way to another, like an auditory cocoon unraveling before you. Between Skye’s brilliant beat-writing and production and Ellery’s unpredictable (but satisfying) string and vocal arrangements, you’ll likely be picking out something new every time you put I Love You Jennifer B on. 

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