Country : France Label : Entreprise Genres and styles : R&B Year : 2020

Première fois (EP)

· by Anne-Sophie Rasolo

Nineties kid Jäde, a Lyonnaise with a sensual and beautiful tessitura, plays with the clichés of R&B and rap to get her point across. She made herself known on the Lyon scene in 2017 via her SoundCloud page. On this EP, vintage rosewater pop takes on a certain character, given Jäde’s voice and attitude. It’s first of all French chanson, but her alliterations give this EP a little taste of rap, and the trap of “Longtemps” confirms it. Between strength and fragility, Jäde uses the double entendre in an erotic love story situated between two episodes of disillusionment, without ever letting herself be had. And the point of all this? That of a second-degree bias brought to a sound with multiple influences, with the help of producer Schumi1, in a satin universe à la Ravyn Lanae, but with a touch of sulphur on top of that. The most important thing to remember is the honeyed pout, because it softens the French language and gives it the chance to be appreciated beyond borders. There’s only one thing to say before falling into Jäde’s snare: “Quand ça fond dans la bouche, qu’est-ce que c’est bon !” (“When it melts in your mouth, it’s so good!”)

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