Country : Canada (Quebec) Label : Goner Genres and styles : Rock / Rockabilly Year : 2020
Bloodshot Bill

Get Loose Or Get Lost

· by Patrick Baillargeon

Let’s say that Bloodshot Bill has been making more or less the same record for 20 years, except that he does it well, very well in fact. A larger-than-life character, Bloodshot Bill is an aesthete of sound and style, faithful to the tiniest detail, assimilated everything that’s stamped as rockabilly, hillbilly, rock ‘n’ roll, western swing, jump blues and everything else that revolves around that. It’s lo-fi, primitive, wild, as rhythmic as possible, it swings, it boils, it screams, it bawls and it’s totally contagious. Aficionados all over the world worship it, and those who like the genre but don’t live it to 110% with the clothes, the cars, and all the vintage gizmos can’t remain insensitive to Bloodshot Bill’s music. The Goner label, well versed in all things authentically rock ‘n’ roll, understood this when they brought the Montreal one-man band on board. This second effort with the Memphis-based label brings Bill back at the top of his form. But has he ever stopped being at the top?

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