Pays : France Label : Petrol Chips Genres et styles : Electro-Pop / Synthwave Année : 2021

Ray Borneo – Modules

· par Rupert Bottenberg

Modular is the right word in more ways than one for this particular package from the ever-productive Parisian Ray Borneo. A dozen pleasing little vintage-synth miniatures, independent but interconnectable. Sketches, really, but clearly rendered and each with its own particular mood, from playful to pensive to apprehensive. Videos for each have been materializing on YouTube for a few months now, “mirages” as Borneo calls them, mesmerizing morsels of found footage and funky filters. Borneo deserves particular praise for the heroically quixotic gesture of releasing Modules not only on CD but on 3.5-inch floppy disc (only eight of the 12 tracks would fit), to fulfill its dawn-of-the-digital-era feel–provided one has sufficiently archaic gear at hand to enjoy the dry, blocky 8-bit audio.

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