Pays : Canada / United States Label : Spinefarm Genres et styles : Alternative Rock Année : 2022

Saint Asonia – Introvert

· par Amanda Richer

Saint Asonia, the Canadian-American rock supergroup is back with a seven-song EP, Introvert. This new release shines a light on some haunting topics faced by society today. We know Saint Asonia for having catchy choruses that seep into your brain. However, they can still create each song on this EP differently from the rest, with its own layered energy. 

Lyrically Introvert comes at you like a tornado, spinning you around with a theme about a personal experience derived from anything like isolation, addiction, and depression that fans all over the world can relate to. Adam Gontier’s, former Three Days Grace vocalist, beautiful vocal range sung with emotion and passion combined with instrumental brilliance draws you in taking you on a rollercoaster of emotions.

Adam has been upfront about his struggle with addiction. The second single on this album, “Better Late Than Never “is about finally beating your everyday struggle with alcohol and drugs. It’s about realizing that you’ll never go back to being that person again and you learning to deal with your demons. Lyrically, the message in this song is so important and adds an extra layer.

As satisfying as Introvert is, you might be a little disappointed not to find songs as heavy as “Better Place” from their self-titled debut or as striking as “Sirens” from Flawed Design. But the band still delivers an emotionally energetic EP with at least 4 songs that stand out.

The first of two singles off this album “Above It All” is about rising above the pandemic. This virus caused so many issues in society with judgment, negativity, and chaos. This song says it all “It is time to take a stand and save our lives, rise before we fall.” 

Terrible Johnny of Highly Suspect shows off his bluesy tones as a guest in the song “Chew me up” adding a playful mix to Gontier’s edgy style. This song has some boomy guitar riffs and throughout the song drummer, Cody Watkins attacks the drum kit with some slamming steady beats. 

“Left Behind” is a beautiful song and not just because of Mike Mushok’s, former Staind guitarist, head-banging guitar solo. Saint Asonia also embroidered this song with a ‘90s rock effect and a modern twist. Musically, the energy this song lets out from beginning to end, leaving you with perfect songcraft.    

Vocalist Adam Gontier and his cousin, bassist Cale Gontier, and the rest of the band members work well at creating creative lyrics that tell a story. By the time you get to the end of Introvert, you will feel like you just left your therapist’s office. 

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