Pays : Brazil Label : Far Out Genres et styles : Brazilian / Electronic / House / Jazz / Jazz-Funk Année : 2020
Ivan Conti


· par Rupert Bottenberg

Formed a full half-century ago, Brazilian jazz-funk trio Azymuth have managed to remain not only relevant but perpetually au courant, seemingly by never taking themselves too seriously, subscribing to a philosophy of samba doido (“crazy samba”). This principle extends to their solo efforts, like drummer Ivan “Mamão” Conti’s tasty 2019 album Poison Fruit. “Katmandu” is an orphan track left over from those sessions, and that seems a bit of serendipity – the jam’s so good, it merits its own release by name. Its EP is the second in a series of 12-inch EPs celebrating the silver anniversary of Far Out Recordings, a U.K. label that has assured a place for Brazilian grooves in the upscale clubs of Europe and North America. The remixes here are disappointing, only serving to diminish a sublime little number. “Katmandu” finds Conti’s easy but energetic groove bedeviled by electronic hallucinations and nerve-wracking nocturnal noises, a ghostly chorus haunting the whole affair. The perfect sound for Halloween in the rainforest, let’s say.

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