Pays : Canada (Quebec) Label : Indépendant Genres et styles : Alternative Rock / metal / Punk Année : 2020
Cirrhose et cendrier

Coquerelle Molotov

· par Christine Fortier

If you’re not already familiar with this Montreal-based band, it’s important to point out that the pleasure of listening to their third album grows as you get to know their eclectic and humorous universe. Once you get your head around the overlapping musical styles in the songs – punk, metal and alternative rock rubbing shoulders with the classical incursions poured in by the piano arrangements (“Si J’aurais”, “Ça Sent L’Brûlé”) – and assimilate the second degree of the lyrics, Coquerelle Molotov becomes more coherent to the ears. Fans of System of a Down, Mr. Bungle, Fantômas, Arseniq 33 and Grimskunk are the ones who will find themselves most easily in the arraying of styles that inspire Cirrhose et cendrier.

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