Pays : France Label : Synth Religion Genres et styles : Coldwave / Darkwave / Electronic Année : 2020
Minuit Machine

Don’t Run From The Fire

· par Geneviève Gendreau

Toiling in darkwave, a style that has lost some of its freshness, Minuit Machine offers a confident work that easily stands out by its engaging character. The four tracks are all driven by the same impetuousness. The waters it sails are turbulent as well as deep. The title track, which opens the album, is unequivocal: a martial rhythm and a call to face the waves with all one’s being, head first. Extremely danceable, all the tracks are permeated with this same echo. The light pop accents of the chorus of “Danger” cohabit with this implacable intention. Only Stioui’s muted voice reveals a certain sensuality. “Lovers of the night” takes up the eternal theme of the rave romantic. The dreadfully effective bass, dramatic strings, and deafening electronics strengthen the listener’s adherence. Reveries are conjured up of nocturnal raves, where dancing heals the wounds and nourishes the soul and the body. Striking orchestral touches give a certain nobility to this ode to the dancefloor. Finally, “To Control” wobbles and pulls itself together, trying to tame the beast, our own and others’. There is a kind of gentleness, even tenderness, despite the vindictiveness of the whole: the softness of black souls. An excellent piece of work!

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