Danse avec mes démons

· by Alain Brunet

Montrealer by adoption since 2009, Fwonte offers eight tracks from the recording Danse avec mes démons, which can already be described as a success in terms of the electro updating of rara, kompa, vaudou, the cultural foundations of the Magical Island to which Kerns Olibrice (real name) integrates trap, dub, instrumental hip hop, digital cumbia, and house. Following in the footsteps of Gardy Girault, Michael Brun and other young Haitian visionaries in the digital age, the singer and MC is participating in the construction of this new Caribbean direction in a new audio or audiovisual environment. Expressed in Haitian Creole, this eloquent update in no way undermines its foundations. Fwonte’s roots are honoured by these eight cheerful tracks, the island and its diaspora are saluted, as are all the fans of Haitian culture. It’s said that this micro-album was conceived “between Montreal and London”, and that experienced DJs and beatmakers contributed to its production – DJ Champion, Kensay, Murder He Wrote. More circumspect, catchy, effective to say the least, these new proposals from Fwonte are in tune with international currents, yet without restriction. Better than that, they get straight to the point.


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