Pays : Senegal / United Kingdom Label : Presto Classical Genres et styles : Classical / West African Traditional Année : 2018
Catrin Finch, Seckou Keita

SOAR (bendigedig)

· par Ralph Boncy

A harp, a kora, a woman, a man. That’s all. Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita turn the migratory birds’ journey from the U.K. to West Africa upside down and, under their magic fingers, each moment creates pure wonder, a meditative state, a moment of serenity. Sometimes the Senegalese opens his mouth. The benevolent nobility and warmth that emanate from his princely voice suggests that if he is a griot by his mother, he may well be of royal descent by his father, Keita, from Mali. This is a good thing, because Finch, considered the Prince of Wales’ “official harpist” according to an old tradition of the monarchy, is now called “the Queen” by her fans in the Celtic world. A very nice match to play Bach together, or sing about Gorée Island.

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