Country : United States Label : dBpm Records Genres and styles : Americana / Country / Folk / Rock Year : 2020
Jeff Tweedy

Love Is The King

· by Alain Brunet

How To Write One Song is an educational manual, written by Jeff Tweedy, on the life-saving power of creativity and the need to make it work every day. Tweedy is one of those artists who preaches persistent work, no matter what inspiration is available. It should be understood here that this intangible phenomenon manifests itself more at work than at rest. The release of his songwriting book coincides with the release of a solo album of 11 songs, Love Is The King, entirely devoted to what unites humans. The durability of love, beneficial and consoling warmth between beings, the happy family cocoon, elevation of spirits through benevolence, but also self-doubt and other romantic mirages pulverized by sarcasm. Inevitably, Wilco’s gifted frontman, excellent lyricist, inspired melodist,a musician inclined to Americana but open to so many hybridizations, can teach us a lot in this respect. And this is what he does once again by suggesting new examples in times of pandemic and family confinement. In this context imposed by global public-health conditions, his two sons (also musicians) helped him in the studio to complete this simple and agreeable effort, almost naive, almost candid, comfort food cooked exclusively with the constitutive ingredients of American song: country, folk, and rock. 

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