Country : United States Label : Memento Mori Genres and styles : Death Metal Year : 2020
Cardiac Arrest

The Day That Death Prevailed

· by Christine Fortier

Old-school death metal aficionados have plenty to sink their teeth into with this Chicago quartet’s seventh record, which reflects an understanding that there’s no point in reinventing the wheel when it rolls well. The nine songs that make up The Day That Death Prevailed total 32 minutes of brutal metal that takes us back to the days when bands like Malevolent Creation, Benediction, Obituary, and Grave were in their prime. Obviously, the fact that Cardiac Arrest has been around since 1997 explains the presence of these influences in the sound of the band, which continues to adhere to traditional death metal even though singer and guitarist Adam Scott is the only original member. This approach is also reflected in the production. The sound of The Day That Death Prevailed is raw and gravelly, a choice that suits the bloody stories of monsters and zombies related in Scott’s guttural voice. Note that the vinyl version will be released on September 11th by Boris Records.

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