Pays : Canada / Québec Label : Chivi Chivi Genres et styles : Coldwave / Electro-Rock / Post-Punk / Psych-Folk Année : 2018
Lydia Képinski

Premier juin

· par Alain Brunet

Lydia Képinski can now be counted among the songwriting elite of French-speaking America. Premier juin achieves a rare expressive balance between the sensitive, the dense, the voluminous and the precise, generally deployed in the intimate, in a voice fully inhabited by a lyricist who knows the gravity of human relationships, with a bouquet of coldwave, electro-rock, post-punk, and psych-folk, all succinctly crafted by producer Blaise Borboën Léonard. This young woman is far from having had her final say, and her work promises to be enduring.

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