Pays : France Label : Hammerstein & Waldteufel Genres et styles : Darkwave / Gothic / Industrial / Noise Année : 2020

Musica Ficta

· par Geneviève Gendreau

Cagoule is a brand new French dark electro duo composed of Punkosaur and Sheitan Bloch. The two masked compatriots released a first collaborative album on January 8, before continuing under this new name. Just like their EP released at the beginning of February, this second effort is aesthetically and musically ravishing.

First of all, the vocal performance draws attention, exploring all the possible facets of a dark and anxious register. Sometimes imploring (on “Fall”), peremptory (on “Outsider”, the opening track), resigned (on “Extinct”), tragic (on “Cold”), or roaring, Punkosaur has a voice of delectable theatricality and agility.

The music is not to be outdone. The plot is minimal and, here again, it takes different directions: gothic, experimental, noise, industrial, to shape magnetic pieces, all of them excellent. The high point is on the tene “Cold, which initiates a slow and intense rise in power, in which the confession reaches its peak.

Only downside: the sound quality unfortunately leaves something to be desired. We dream of hearing them shape their music with means that match their talent. To be continued! 

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