Pays : United States Label : Concrete / Motown / Quality Control Genres et styles : Psych-Funk / Psych-Rock / Soul/R&B Année : 2023

Lil Yachty – Let’s Start Here.

· par CCJ Gabriel

Lil Yachty made a psychedelic rock album, and no I’m not joking. Let’s Start Here. is Yachty’s first time stepping out of his trap/hip-hop element and doing something new. Sonically, this album hits on all fronts as with keyboard and guitar riffs that almost take you back in time. Coming into this not expecting much at all, Boat greatly blew my expectations away, as little as they were. 

They say that deep down, rappers just want to be rockstars, and that’s evident with this project. I mean, Yachty’s vocals aren’t at a Pink Floyd or The Beatles level by any means, and whoever produced this album (there are many) deserves all of the flowers. The instruments and production quality are what make this project so great. Another positive is that a lot of the songs on Let’s Start Here are four, five or six-plus minutes in length, in a day and age where artists get away with two minute songs, it’s quite refreshing. Additional vocals were provided by Diana Gordon and Justine Skye on quite a few tracks and they’re magnificent on each one. 

Let’s Start Here plays like a mixtape cassette your friend would make for you back in the ’90s. It incorporates the modern auto tune vocals that many enjoy, myself included, with real, live instruments, and it feels so warm because of it. Unique bass lines and live drums enhance all music, and this album is no exception. It is meant to be played front to back and each track is thoughtfully placed. Furthermore, Boat’s vocals, along with the music, almost fit any mood. None of these songs come across as depressing or uplifting, but they all could serve either adjective. 

My two favourite songs on this joint are “the BLACK seminole” and “WE SAW THE SUN!”. The latter should be listened to immediately after “The Zone” for the full effect. If you’re like me and enjoy genre-bending music and artists stepping out of what you think their comfort zone is, I highly recommend you give Let’s Start Here. a listen.

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