Louis Beaudoin-de la Sablonnière, Éric Normand, Tom Jacques & Alexandre Robichaud


· par Michel Rondeau

Two years after Brûlez les meubles, guitarist Louis Beaudoin-de la Sablonnière reunites with Éric Normand, spearhead and manager of the label Tour de bras, but here just a simple bassist, for Incipit. On drums, Tom Jacques has replaced Louis-Vincent Hamel, and trumpet player Alexandre Robichaud helps out on a few tracks.

The colour is still jazz, but the atmospheres of this second record are more worked out, calmer, more subdued, even dreamy. There are a few more carried-away moments, but the whole is rather marked by a certain languor, that of exploration, sometimes groping about. At certain moments, the music strolls, lingers, dawdles, explores its own meanders without fear of getting lost in them. There is also a certain electronic experimentation with textures in the low register, to support the electric bass in its shadowy zones. There’s a certain Nordicity as well and even, it seemed to me – we’re in Rimouski, here – the presence of the river, very close by, and its mysteries. The music and the territory.

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