Pays : United States Label : Warner Bros.Records Genres et styles : Folktronica / Hip Hop / R&B / Soul Jazz / Synth-Pop Année : 2020
Mac Miller


· par Alain Brunet

Given the tragic fate of their creator, these posthumous tracks recorded by Mac Miller bring a
tear to the eye as they embed themselves in the cortex. Here are about 10 tracks, mostly
sensual, bittersweet, dreamy, evanescent, inspired, shining with fragility. Repeat listens of
Circles leave this firm impression: the Pittsburgh-born MC and singer had reached a new
peak before tragically succumbing to an overdose.

The swaying rhythms and sweet-and-sour melodies serve a mature, personal, unique, and
poignant practice all along the line. Hip hop, soul, jazz and neo-Broadway references carry
over slow or medium tempos. Guitars and keyboards supplement superb beatmaking in the
service of these for the most part magnificent songs. Expressed in a tenuous and ashen
voice, the artist’s thoughts blend and entangle in Circles, revealing the full scope of a being of
exceptional sensitivity.

“I need somebody to save me before I drive myself crazy…” Clearly, the attainment of balance
and placating of inner torment were wishes never granted. Nevertheless, this is an eloquent
demonstration of a very gifted artist, capable of transforming his ragged life into constant
creativity. For Mac Miller fans, and for all the fans of soul/hip hop with a jazzy touch, this is
one of the best albums of the moment, to be listened to over and over again.

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