Pays : United Kingdom Label : Harbinger Sound Genres et styles : Electro-Punk / Hip Hop / Post-Punk Année : 2014
Sleaford Mods

Divide and Exit

· par Patrick Baillargeon

The formula of the Nottingham duo is simple: a series of binary beats and primal bass lines coming out of a crazed laptop, and a singer/ranter who spits out his anger and cynicism in a volley of swearing and cockney slang. His litanies are often wild and brutal, but sometimes funny and always straight to the point. Sleaford Mods have a deliberately lo-fi and minimal sound, a vindictive attitude and an urgency that has been their trademark since they began recording in 2007. Divide and Exit marks a culmination in the duo’s career and the beginning of their true public recognition.

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