Country : France Label : Because Genres and styles : Soul/R&B Year : 2020
Crystal Murray

I Was Wrong (EP)

· by Anne-Sophie Rasolo

Being the daughter of an Afro-American jazzman has its good sides and this EP illustrates them well. Crystal Murray, a young Parisian gem for fans of eclectic music, sets her velvety voice against sounds that inevitably evoke the dancefloors of the 1990s. The neo-soul influence is omnipresent on I Was Wrong, and gives to each track a roundness and a warmth that propels the dance groove into a vaporous universe that we can imagine stitched with glimmers of fuchsia. These days, there’s no more reason to be surprised by the relationship between age, or musical maturity, and quality. Crystal Murray may be 18 years old, but everything here is mastered and finely worked out, from the lyrics to the staging of her videos, as well as in the assembly of in-depth musical styles. Although she’s new to the music scene, her musical background, both family and personal, can be felt in this EP. All that’s left to do is to turn the knob all the way up and get carried away by the throbbing groove of “Princess.

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