Country : Canada / Québec Label : Barclay Universal / Grosse Boîte Genres and styles : Classic Pop / Indie Pop Year : 2011
Coeur de pirate


· by Alain Brunet

One may well argue that Coeur de Pirate penetrated the market across the Atlantic by way of mimicry and generic pop based on French standards, but… counter-examples can refute this perception. Blonde is the most tangible proof of this: produced by Howard Bilerman, co-owner of the famous Hotel2Tango studio, this album released in 2011 struck a fine balance between pop catchphrases, pop classicism including rockabilly and spaghetti-Western-style country, and… creative production in the tradition of Montreal’s indie movement. Let’s hope that Béatrice Martin will do it again, and even more so, in the 2020s.

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