Pays : France Label : ACT Music Genres et styles : Jazz / Tango Année : 2020
Vincent Peirani & Émile Parisien


· par Ralph Boncy

As they say in America, It takes two to tango. And that’s exactly what these recidivists, the two magnificent French musicians Vincent Peirani (Bayan chromatic accordion, button accordion) and Émile Parisien (soprano sax), do here. Abrazo is a musical and fusional embrace between a pair who’ve been linked by a solid friendship for several years now. In 2014, together they won the Instrumental Revelation prize at the Victoire de la musique jazz gala. Until 2020, they continued to alternate collaborations in duet and group format, in very creative and diverse projects such as La belle époque, Living Being, Thrill Box and File Under Zawinul, among others. It’s therefore with windows wide open on South American music that the magical tandem approaches this new challenge. Recognizable here, inevitably, are the compositions of Argentinean giant Astor Piazzolla, made of vital violence, of spurts of love, of texture and drama. Slow, uninhibiyed, melodic tango, like chamber music or romantic film music. Tango that is biting, intense, fast and fiery, intimate or spectacular, sometimes very mellow and even sad, but always tango first and in all sincerity. Possibly one of the important albums of this crucial year.

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