Pays : United States Label : Soul Jazz Genres et styles : Experimental Rock / Krautrock / Psych-Rock / Space Rock Année : 2020
Trees Speak


· par Patrick Baillargeon

Trees Speak is the musical side of visual artist Daniel Martin Diaz, accompanied here by a handful of musicians from the Tucson, Arizona scene, such as Michael Glidewell (Black Sun Ensemble), Gabriel Sullivan (XIXA, Giant Sand), Connor Gallaher (Myrrors, Cobra Family Picnic), Damian Diaz (Human Error) and Julius Schlosburg (Jeron White Acoustic Trio). The band, which describes itself more as a sound laboratory, creates strange, minimal and bewitching music, half improvised, sometimes mechanical and other times more aerial, a kind of cross between Tangerine Dream, Can, NEU! and Silver Apples. Having said that, the album, totally instrumental, can also bring us back to the realms of Goblin or Popol Vuh, or even, more contemporary, to that of the Suuns and Ghost Box. Loaded with saturated synths and analog effects, as well as elements of free jazz, krautrock, no wave and space-rock, the object sometimes propels us towards a kind of post-apocalyptic experimental psychedelism. The 17 tracks that OHMS contains are intertwined, forming a whole, like the soundtrack of a long journey through a mysterious forest populated by plants and synthetic trees communicating with each other. To be discovered, urgently!

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