Country : United States Label : Fallen Tree 1Hundred Genres and styles : Jazz / Pop / Soul/R&B Year : 2020
Natalie Duncan


· by Alain Brunet

The practice isn’t new, but remains relatively marginal to the production of music of Afro-diasporic extraction. It’s nevertheless pleasing to hear these voices devoted to the refinement of proven forms… when they prove to be excellent, it goes without saying. This is certainly the case with Natalie Duncan, a singer dedicated to the jazzy, folk and pop flavour of soul/R&B. It should be noted that she has been recognized for several years by the U.K. R&B community without really being outside this market. Roughly speaking, the Afro-British artist doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but shows a certain mastery of the forms inherent in soul culture, and above all a sensitivity on the surface. The arrangements and production of his new album are based on a relatively conservative approach, the elements of digital creation are tenuous, the emphasis is rather on human performances. So kick back and enjoy the excellent groove emanating from the rhythm section, the silky arrangements for brass, reeds, and strings, and the nice acoustic and electric guitar bridges. And spoiling nothing, Duncan’s superb, fluid, magnetic voice.

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