Pays : United Kingdom Label : I Love Acid Genres et styles : Breakbeat Année : 2020
Luke Vibert

Lockdown Breaks

· par Rupert Bottenberg

U.K. producer Luke Vibert has been churning out music since the mid-’90s, under his own name or such tangential pseudonyms as Plug or the amazing Wagon Christ. He’s had product out bearing the imprints of Rephlex, Ninja Tune, Mo’ Wax, Planet Mu, and Warp, and other labels besides. That should begin to demonstrate just how hard he’s been to categorize over the quarter-century-plus he’s been on the radar. The bottom line is, he’s a beatmaker of well-earned repute, and this recent bundle of boom-bap generously shares the wealth.

For his fellow producers likewise in lockdown, Vibert offers here almost 100 beats to build out from. The tempo escalates from the first track, “Slow Pumper”, earning its name a very unhurried 70 BPM, to the propulsive closer “Pater” at a hectic 165. Over the course of the 92 tracks, Vibert touches on half the damn history of recorded danceclub music, which is of course in keeping with his indefatigable drive to do something different at every turn. Here’s your chance to pick up the ball and do something ever more differenter.

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