Pays : Canada Label : XL Genres et styles : Electro / Hip Hop Année : 2016

99.9 %

· par Darcy Macdonald

Haitian-born, South Shore Montreal-raised Kaytranada began the decade as a 17-year-old boy making Fruity Loops beats on a laptop in his mom’s basement and DJing around the city. He finishes it as one of the hands-down mostly globally sought-after production collaborators alive. His solitary debut LP stands as a testament to musical evolution, not only in the last 10-year span but from the dawn of contemporary pop. Barely a genre is left unexplored here, and is all tied together by the producer’s signature take on house rhythms and hip hop time codes. When Pharrell himself proclaimed Kaytra a wish-list collaborator, it became undeniably clear that the local boy had made good. Scratch that, he made great.

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