Pays : Poland Label : Underground Activists (Season of Mist) Genres et styles : Black Metal Année : 2020
Medico Peste

The Black Bile

· par Christine Fortier

Because of the narrative form of the lyrics, which deal with themes such as death, madness, religion and evil based on the distorted vision of a tormented neurotic subject, the quintet claims that they are making schizophrenic black metal. This is a very accurate description, especially with the unhealthy atmosphere that emanates from the seven songs of The Black Bile, a title that’s also well chosen. In spite of the freefloating darkness, it isn’t a furious black metal album, and several influences surprise throughout, a bit like the bands Nachtmystium, Uada and Shining. Thus, “God Knows Why” flirts with the avant-garde; “All Too Human” is danceable; the beginning of ‘Numinous Catastrophy” evokes the song “The Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson; the rhythm section of “Skin” carries a hint of jazz, and “Holy Opium” reflects psychedelic influences.

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