Pays : Québec Label : Indépendant Genres et styles : Country Rock / Garage Rock / Pop-Rock / power-pop / Rock Année : 2022

Easy Tiger – Breakfast in Bed

· par Luc Marchessault

Breakfast in Bed Breakfast in Bed starts with the song of the same name: a keith-richardsian riff, a fluid bass line, and just enough contemporary synth ornaments in the chorus to remind the music geek she/he is not back in June 1993, listening to the just-released Exile in Guyville, but in May 2022. Gabrielle La Rue sings about the hungover morning of a shaken but very alive woman. This is Easy Tiger, a brand new duo made of Gabrielle, formerly of NOBRO, and Sarah Dion, currently of NOBRO and the Shirleys. In “Ibiza,” the second tune on this six-song EP, the narrator urges Harry Potter to answer her prayer. “Midnight Snack” follows, with its tom-pettyesque rhythm guitar and Spooner Oldham-like organ. “Havre St-Pierre” falls into the very narrow category of ballads that combine caravanning with gin & lime. And “Toothbrush” could belong in the “power-pop soaked in wine and rye on ice” category. Then, a slow tempo and glittering synths on “Chemtrails,” another statement on the casualties of love for the narrator. As for the music geek, she/he surely notices that this is a very tasty Breakfast in Bed. She/He might wonder that, if the Anglo-Saxon world has had its Pretenders, Throwing Muses, Liz Phair, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Waxahatchee, and Courtney Barnett, why shouldn’t we have our Easy Tiger right here?

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