Pays : France Label : Péché Mignon Genres et styles : Electronic / Hip Hop / R&B Année : 2020
Bonnie Banane

Sexy Planet

· par Elsa Fortant

Bonnie Banana is an enchantress. The almost-thirty-year-old has the power to make people fall in love with her, she’s a bewitching person. She’s capable of wonders with her voice. To pierce her mysterious aura, one would dream of seeing a spectrograph of her. The singer also has an obvious talent for writing. Her writing is poetic (“Flash”), different (“Mauvaise Foi”), contemporary (“Limites”), full of double entendres (“La Lune & Le Soleil”), and so deft (“Intuition”). Her career began in 2012 with a first track, “Muscles”. Already, the Frenchwoman stood out. Since then, many collaborations, with Bon Gamin’s gang (Myth Syzer, Ichon), Jazzy Bazz, Kezo, Jimmy Whoo… singles and EPs. It was time for Bonnie Banane to shine on her own, on this 14-track showcase. The first listen is disconcerting, her voice strangely high-pitched (we often define her as a Catherine Ringer of the future). On the second listen, the sweet madness starts to make sense, and reveals much more meaning than one might think. By the third, you’re under the spell. You grasp the complexity of her proposal. An actress and performer, she co-produced the album with Para One (Béguin, Quelle Osmose !), Prinzly (Damso), Ponko, and Varnish. The result: instrumentals with original and unexpected structures that happily draw from electro, R&B, rap, dance, trap, and experimental music. We were waiting for this first solo effort, and it was worth the wait. 

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