Pays : United States Label : Bridge Genres et styles : Contemporary / Modern Classical Année : 2022

George Perle – Solos and Duos

· par Frédéric Cardin

Perle (1915-2009) was a composer and music theorist. Throughout his life, he used a system derived from atonal dodecaphony which he called dodecaphonic tonality. The result, especially in his music for solo instruments (which, for the most part, except for the piano, cannot stack dissonant chords) is attractive enough to convince all the denigrators of atonalism. The result is music that is pleasantly modern but not excessively demanding, sometimes even playful and mischievous. The programme, apparently a bouquet of recordings from the vaults of Bridge Records, not only provides a fairly comprehensive overview of Perle’s long career, but also features such excellent performers as Charles Neidich (clarinet), Horacio Gutierrez, Leon Fleischer and Richard Goode (piano), and others. Some of the tracks appear for the first time and will be exciting discoveries for modern/contemporary music lovers. A release to be highlighted for its importance and quality.

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